About Wang Chuan Chiy


    Wang Chuan Chiy Enterprise Co., LTD, was founded about eighty years ago. The founder, Mr. Wan How Wang, started the business from the bottom. His consistent and working hard efforts have earned a wide-spread good reputation for the company's fine product, which not only occupies most domestic market, but also goes overseas into Japan's tiles market. Many of the famous temple in Japan have been related to our company in terms of construction. Also, some famous spots in Taiwan have, too, witnessed our fine work. For instances, the Taipei Municipal Baseball stadium, the Martyr's Shrine and Che-Nan Temple etc.

    In order to catch the trend of housing technology, we established Toyo House Trading Co. Ltd. in 1990. In the following years, we introduced international products to Taiwan market, such as: Toyo tile (Japan), NAIS fiber tile (Japan), Interlock tile (West Germany), vermiculite steel tile (New Zealand), colored ceramic tile (France).

    To establish a thorough knowledge on the characters of international products, our company stopped production lines, and transformed into a multi-area management company. As a new step of the company, we introduced from Japan the NAIS gutter and fireproof building material. NAIS products are widely applied in low-level light steel gauge building. As Taiwan is located on a seismic belt, we wish to bring in eco-friendly building materials and earthquake resisting technicians, and our efforts have won public approval.

    Recently, we devote ourselves to becoming a professional wholesaler providing complete roof solutions in the ceramic tile industry. Based on the skills and experience gained from ceaseless learning, we are able to integrate the relationship among providers and resellers, and turn it into a supply chain system with higher value added. We provide house builders and end-users with more alternatives, flexibility, accountability, and professionalism. We firmly believe that we can create best synergy by integrating best players in this industry. Only this way we response to our buyers faster, and serve our customers with the highest quality.

總公司 TEL. 03-3075585

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